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Friday, February 15, 2019

Follow This Checklist To Build A Visual Brand Today

Follow This Checklist To Build A Visual Brand Today
Visual branding is a reflection of a company. It is what makes a brand or business recognizable and superior to its counterpart. Before we start with the checklist of how to build a visual brand identity, let us first understand what brand identity is?

Brand Identity

Brand identity is the first thing that the customer sees or remember about the brand. Brand identity is something that reflects the uniqueness, differentiation, value, and trustworthiness of a brand. It helps in developing a trust between the business and the customers/employees. One e.g. of this is, which not only reflects uniqueness and trust in its product. It also provides a wide variety of services to its customers.

Visual Branding

Visual branding is all about the image of the brand. It helps in creating a perspective with not only customers but also with employees. It plays a very strong part in building the brand’s long term success and marketing initiatives. It reflects the company's goals, long term plans, services, customer and employee relationships.

Visual branding should always be consistent and should reflect the true nature of the business. It should neither exaggerate about the company’s policy, goals nor should it speak less about the same. It should remain the same, and one should follow consistent design language. It helps customer recognize the brand and also saves from spending a lot on advertising cost in the long term.

Visuals are a strong strategic part of new media marketing. Visuals and graphics used should be true to what a brand belief and values are. It should effectively capture the customer’s attention. It helps in building a brands image and reputation. There are two ways in which we can perceive the same:

  • Visuals, images, and graphics used should portray the correct image of a brand. Exaggerating about the brand can lead to unsatisfied and unhappy customers. They can be very harmful to a brand.
  • Before starting with creating visuals one should understand the business, its clientage, and policies. After that, they should work upon the images, fonts, designs, graphics. A wrong design used can lead to confusion in customers about whether this is the correct brand or not. It will make them wonder about their trust in the brand.

Now here’s the big question- how can one build a visual brand identity? Below we have made a checklist which can help one in building a smart visual brand:

A Primary Logo - Logo is something that comes first in the client’s mind when they hear or think about a company. It is the first contact of the customer with the brand. It should be unique, simple and must justify the brand's values. One can use the Canva logo maker tool to create a logo or can also seek some professional help. It is free and comprises of various features that will help with your logo designing.

Color Palette - Color palette plays a significant role in creating a visual identity. It should remain consistent throughout the designs whether online or offline.

Fonts - Font is a crucial part of visual identity. If you don't use a font that is readable or weird, people will miss the message. Also, stick to two fonts, one main and another secondary. Using more than two fonts doesn't look good. Moreover, experiment with fonts instead of using common fonts like Arial and so on. Use a normal size for your font. It should be such that people can read it from a distance too.

A secondary logo - You can use the secondary logo on company t-shirts, coffee mugs, and other souvenirs. When developing a logo for your brand, keep options from which you can choose a second one too.

Other elements for visual identity are Images, Background, and Illustrations and so on.

Keeping in mind the above points one can start on building a visual brand identity. A visual identity is important for any business if they want to promote their business. Also, it helps them to create a brand and become popular amongst their clients/customers.

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