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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

5 Main Tips for Becoming a Good Essay Writer

Essay writing is an art that any person can learn and produce good essays as long as they have mastered the necessary writing skills. Academic essays are supposed to provide a thesis which should be supported by evidence, which could be quoted and cited from other sources or personal research on the topic. To create persuasive papers, a professional essay writer should understand and master the basics for academic writing and stipulated guidelines on essay writing service.
Here are ways to improve your essay writing skills
 1. Make a summary/ outline of what you want to write about before you commence writing.
• The first step before you begin to write is to clearly understand the question that you are about to write on. To come up with proper evidence in your work, break down your thesis by creating an outline for your essay.
• You can Brainstorm by jotting down the things you would wish to include in your essay, together with examples and illustrations.
• A basic outline could comprise of an introduction, which has the thesis, body of the essay, which has several paragraphs supporting your thesis together with evidence and lastly a conclusion that summarises everything, connecting the body to the thesis. The thesis, which is a point you want to prove in your paper is the main idea, and it should be well explained, and all other paragraphs will always revolve around it.
• In your guideline, make sure you include not less than 3 pieces of evidence supporting your thesis. It is clear proof that you understand what you are writing. The events should be in a logical order with a natural flow from the introduction to the body and the conclusion.
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 2. Have a basic understanding of grammar, punctuation, and style.
• Punctuation, grammar, and style are hugely significant if you want your paper to be clearly understood. Before you begin working on your essay, have a basic understanding of grammar. The most important things include subject-verb agreement, pronouns and how they should be used and how to construct correct sentences.
• Understand the appropriate usage for common punctuation marks to ensure whatever you write makes sense. Learn to differentiate where these marks are used and understand that wrong placement of a punctuation mark can completely change the intended meaning.
• Style reveals your personality to the reader and creates in them an attitude to read your work. You should strive to show your fluency by writing short, precise sentences that are straight to the point and also have different variations.
• The voice you use is also an incredibly valuable tool in essay writing. Try as much as possible to use active voice to improve the strength of your tone throughout your work. Use concise language and if possible keep away from transition and filler words that make no sense but only makes your paper wordy.
 3. Use correct vocabulary you understand about
• Language usage is critical in academic essays. When writing a piece, always keep in mind that you are trying to convince the reader to agree with your arguments. You persuade them that you are an expert in what you are doing and that you can argue intelligently.
• Avoid using complex words thinking that you will sound intelligent as this often results in the reader acquiring a negative attitude towards your work. It is quite easy for a reader to note that you are trying to impress them through your writing.
• Stick to using words that you clear;y understand meanings to avoid incorrect use. Hard words can also lead you far from what you intend to explain and rib you clarity of your propositions. Consider clarity of your work before deciding to use new words which could bring about a different meaning.
• You can include different sentence variations- simple, compound and complex sentences, and include idiomatic expressions that show your understanding of differen6t vocabulary. Avoid any possible errors as these would affect the truth of the arguments given in your paper.
 4. Understand Your arguments and back them up with evidence
• When writing an academic essay, always have the main discussion at the back of your mind. It might be irresistible to verge off the main idea to some exciting things relating to your topic, but this will only make your writing less concise. Question any information supporting your argument throughout your asking.
• You can ask yourself if whatever you write significantly supports your thesis and if it doesn’t then this argument should be avoided. Be critical when analyzing evidence to make sure that you are not off the topic and argument.
• Try to use top-notch research to back up your evidence and every information included in your writing should directly relate to the topic and argument in question. Get evidence from reliable sources like articles and books together with trusted websites. Paraphrases and quotes can be great to back up your notions, but ensure you correctly acknowledge your sources using proper citation formats.
5 Main Tips for Becoming a Good Essay Writer
 5. Write a proper and all-inclusive conclusion.
• The conclusion is a vital part of your paper that is often overlooked by most people. It is this part that brings together your research by linking together the argument band evidence to support your thesis.
• One of the greatest mistake done here is making it very similar to the introduction or a direct copy and paste of the same. The conclusion should be somehow different from the hypothesis itself and should clearly highlight the main points of the body and directly link it to the thesis to prove that the evidence given supports the arguments of your research.
• Numerous well written academic essays have been derailed by poorly done conclusions that don’t compliment them very well. Learn how to write a proper and strong end so that your essay isn't among the derailed ones.
• After you are done with writing your paper, review it to make sure your ideas progress naturally and they have a connection summed up with a good flow. A British essay writer should use the above skills to produce better essays that are appreciated by readers.

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